Competition award at “The Thytoid in the Periphery!” forum

The Forum titled “The thyroid…in the periphery!” held at Naples Federico II University Il on April 15, 2016, that brought together world leading thyroid experts, provided the opportunity for the IBSA Foundation to give yet another token of its commitment to promoting science progress and advancement of scientific knowledge by supporting young investigators under 40 years of age engaged in fundamental and clinical research.  It did so by delivering five Abstract Competition at Forum Awards, worth €1,000 each, to the authors of the best abstracts in the fields of biological sciences, medical science and biotechnologies. The winners of the first edition of the IBSA Foundation  Abstract  Competition at Forum Awards were:

  • Giusy Mancino for the abstract “Differential type 2 and 3 deiodinases expression in normal intestine and colon cancers”
  • Caterina Miro for the abstract “The relationship between the mir 21 and the thyroid hormone in the skin regulates the formation and growth of basal cell carcinomas”
  • Imma Cristina Nettore for the abstract “Molecular evidence demonstrating the role of selenium in modulation of apoptosis in thyroid follicular cells”
  • Chiara Tuccilli for the abstract “Expression and prognostic value of par complex members in papillary thyroid carcinoma”
  • Camilla Virili for the abstract “Thyroxine treatment in overweight and obese  hypothyroid patients”

The IBSA Foundation has already launched the call for the next Abstract Competition at Forum Awards that will be delivered at the Forum titled “New technologies to treat neurodisorders: neuroprosthetics” to be held on September 9, 2016, in Geneva, Switzerland.