Female Healty Aging

The delicate balance between reproduction and aging: this is the issue that IBSA Foundation has decided to address by organizing the Female Healthy Aging Forum in Zurich on September 7, 2017.

After the Forum held in Frankfurt in 2015, entitled “Aging: is it a disease?”, the Foundation decided to devote one to the health and well-being of the menopausal woman, in order to stimulate the creation of a new concept of women’s health through a broader vision and the involvement of the highest internationally acknowledged experts on the multiple aspects of the women’s aging, including stress and psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunologic balance, genetic and epigenetic factors, preventive medicine, sexual life, tumors and other aspects of the lifestyle.

The primary goal is therefore to elaborate the Healthy Aging concept, which is literally an healthy aging, in order to preserve the organs functions and enhance the quality of life despite the advancement of the age.

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University Hospital Zurich, Auditorium,
Frauenklinikstrasse 10
Zurich, Switzerland

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