Scientific Forums

To promote a science culture, the IBSA Foundation organises scientific forums. These are large conferences featuring international speakers and focused on leading edge themes in the fields of biology and medicine as well as other topics of interest for the medical community for their scientific implications and their relevance for the general public.

Forums represent an opportunity for students, scientists, experts and institutions to gather together, discuss issues, share insights and learn, a process of exchange that provides valuable inputs for further research and drives knowledge advancements.


Milano, 13 Ottobre 2018

Sguardi scientifici sulle migrazioni

Sabato 13 ottobre, presso l'Auditorium USI si svolgerà, a partire dalle ore 10:00, il Forum "Sguardi scientifici sulle migrazioni", attraverso il quale la Fondazione IBSA propone una riflessione interdisciplinare sul tema delle migrazioni: genetisti, linguisti, sociologi, antropologi e giuristi a confronto per capire chi siamo, guardando la storia del passato che illumina il presente.
Milano, 12 Aprile 2018

La nuova era della Nutrizione: dai meccanismi molecolari alla salute umana

Si è concluso al Campus IFOM-IEO di Milano il Forum “La nuova era della nutrizione: dai meccanismi molecolari alla salute umana”, organizzato dalla Fondazione IBSA, con la partecipazione di specialisti provenienti da cinque Paesi (Stati Uniti, Israele, Germania, Spagna e Italia). Partner dell’incontro, l’Istituto Europeo di Oncologia, il Progetto SmartFood e la Food Bank in Oncology.


Zurich, September 7 2017

Female Healthy Aging

The primary goal is therefore to elaborate the Healthy Aging concept, which is literally an healthy aging, in order to preserve the organs functions and enhance the quality of life despite the advancement of the age.
Lugano, June 16 2017

Basic mechanisms of cancer immunotherapy

The Forum on oncologic immunotherapy, which has been treating various types of cancer (melanoma, lungs), which were difficult to treat until recently, took place on June 16th, in the USI Auditorium - It is one of the events organized within the context of the “International Congress on Malignant Lymphoma”


Geneva, September 9 2016

New technologies to treat neurodisorders: neuroprosthetics

Pioneering prostheses that are increasingly lifelike and can feeleven the lightest touch such as a caress are going to dramatically improve quality of life for millions of patients, as are new treatments based on brain stimulation which may cure prevalent conditions such as diabetes, obesity, infertility and cancer.
Naples, April 15 2016

The thyroid… in the periphery!

Are we on the verge of a new era in thyroid gland knowledge and understanding its potential for treatment of diseases? Developments brought about by research are providing highly promising answers in this respect.


Lugano, September 26 2015

 Cancer immunology makes it to clinic: how cancer will be treated in the coming years

Immunotherapy has opened up a whole new era in cancer treatment. It works by harnessing the immune system to fight off cancer and has shown highly promising results in extending the life expectancy of cancer sufferers.
Siena, July 3 2015

Stress, Inflammation and Reproduction

Stress has negative repercussions on the reproductive function. This is the clear conclusion emerging from the international Forum titled Stress, Inflammation and Reproduction organized by the IBSA Foundation for scientific research at the University of Siena, Italy.
Milan, May 9 2015

Sexual Health and Sexual Ecology

Medical specialists and researchers in the fields of neurobiology, psychology, obstetrics/gynecology, urology, andrology and sociology were brought together for an-depth discussion of the various aspects involved in sexual health.


Frankfurt, September 27 2014

Aging: is it a disease?

A hundred specialists and investigators in this medical area have discussed aging and related disorders on occasion of the Forum titled “Aging: is it a disease?” organised by the IBSA Foundation for scientific research and held on 27th September at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.
Lugano, June 21 2014

Metabolic diseases and tendinopathies: the missing link

Held on Saturday June 21, 2014 at the Auditorium of Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland, the Forum titled “Metabolic diseases and tendinopathies: the missing link” was organised by the IBSA Foundation in collaboration with ISMULT to stimulate further research into the relationship between metabolic conditions.
Lugano, March 29 2014

Stem cell therapy: hype or hope?

Some 200 people, largely university students, researchers and medical specialists, attended the Forum titled “Stem cell therapy: hype or hope?” held at the Auditorium of Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland, on Saturday March 29, 2014.


Gubbio, September 27-29 2013

What’s new in hypothyroidism?

“What’s new in hypothyroidism?" is the title of the meeting held in Gubbio (Perugia), Italy, on September 28, 2013. International endocrinology specialists came together in the small Italian town to discuss key novelties in hypothyroidism research.
Stresa, May 10/12, 2013

Treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism in children, women and other adults

The forum on subclinical hypothyroidism held in Stresa, Italy, inaugurated the iBSA foundation’s commitment in endocrinology. The two-day forum was attended by leading experts in endocrinology from all over the world.