Activities for children hospitalized at the Lugano Civic Hospital 2013-2015

The Lugano Civic hospital provides educational services to children who need long-term inpatient or outpatient care at this hospital and are unable to attend their usual school. The IBSA Foundation has elected to fund these activities. It started doing so in 2013 by paying for the salary of an educator who teaches hospital children a flexible curriculum program agreed with schools and parents. The educator helps children stay current with schoolwork, and also takes care of recreational, playful activities that are such an important part of a child’s life.

This is a very tangible way of giving help and the IBSA Foundation has decided to continue its support to children at this hospital. In 2015, the Foundation will sponsor a program featuring movie showsfollowed by a session during which children provide their thoughts and comments about what they have seen, under the guidance of a specialist educator. Movies are used as a way to engage children and encourage them to be active participants rather than passive recipients – an attitude that may be facilitated by resignation to their condition – and, more generally, help them develop critical thinking. The initiative has been very well received by the young patients, inpatients and outpatients alike, who have shown their appreciation from the very launch of this program.