Professione: cacciatore di bufale (online) – New edition of the contest

After the great success of the contest “Bufale in rete: come riconoscerle!” promoted for the school year 2016-17 in collaboration with the Istituto Pasteur Italia, also comes the second edition “Professione: cacciatore di bufale in rete!”. The new edition of the contest is focused on the importance to allow the kids to become debunker of fake news.
The aim of IBSA Foundation for scientific research and Istituto Pasteur Italia is to enhance a digital literacy process in order to defeat the fake news.

Theme of the works

To participate to the contest, the kids will become debunking: they will not search all the fake news circulating online, but exclusively of the scientific ones. The development of the elaborates will always be the comic. If in the previous edition of the contest you were asked to locate online and draw a comic about fake news, this year you will be asked to take a step further: learn to uncover the scientific fake news that run on the web!

The cartoon, made in color or in b/w, have to developed up to 6 boards.


All students of all secondary Italian schools of the 1st grade (section 1) and 2nd grade (section 2) can participate in the competition, either individually or in groups. There is no restriction on the number of proposals that each school can send.

The competition can also be attended by the schools, winners and not, of the previous edition.

Deadline for submission

The participants have to send the works to Carocci Editore within February 2018, the 28th, filling the online form available at the link