“I Ragazzi di Pasteur”: the school project explaining science through a comic strip

A book series explaining science to kids in a simple and funny way. This is the initiative “I Ragazzi di Pasteur”, created through the collaboration between IBSA Foundation and the Pasteur Institute in Italy, which has been presented on April 23rd in Milano Fiera, at the event “Tempo di Libri”.

The series, published by Carocci Editore and targeted at junior and upper secondary schools, was created with the intend to allow kids to learn about science in a fun way. Students are not just the recipients of the initiative but they are the actual authors. The volumes, in fact, introduce in the first part a scientific text curated by an expert lecturer in a given scientific field and, following, a comic strip on the same topic based on a script written by a class of students of the Roman School of Comics. The first volume, entitled Storie di cellule staminali (Stem cells stories), was written by Antonio Musarò, professor of Histology and Embryology at Sapienza University of Rome. The script was written by Poggiardo Junior High School (Lecce). The second volume, entitled Epigenetica (Epigenetics), was written by Alessandro Fatica, professor at the Department of Biology and Biotechnologies “Charles Darwin”, Sapienza University of Rome, with a script created by a class of the State Comprehensive School “Via Volsinio”, in Rome.

The series “I Ragazzi di Pasteur” has been presented by:

Silvia Misiti Director of IBSA Foundation for scientific research

Antonio Musarò Author of Storie di cellule staminali, first volume of the series

Riccardo Colosimo Roman School of Comics

Fabio Redaelli Roman School of Comics

Alessandro Telve Roman School of Comics


Press Conference, Tempo di Libri, Milano Fiera – April, 2017