The activities of the IBSA Foundation are numerous and continue the commitments which often rely on the collaboration of schools and institutions in order to disseminate the culture of science.
Here we have our latest news.

“La Scienza a regola d’Arte”: conversazione tra Armin Linke e Paolo Cortini

Mercoledì 16 maggio alle 18:15 si terrà nella Hall del LAC il terzo incontro del ciclo “La Scienza a regola d’Arte”, organizzato da Fondazione IBSA e dal Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana. Protagonisti della conversazione saranno il fotografo-ricercatore Armin Linke e il geologo Paolo Cortini, moderati dal giornalista Massimo Polidoro. L’evento sarà introdotto da una […]

8 May 2018

Scientific Forum: The New Nutrition Era

On 12th April 2018, at the IFOM-IEO in Milan, it will take place the Scientific Forum “The New Nutrition Era: from molecular mechanisms to human health”, from 9:00 to 17:30.  

22 January 2018

Let’s Science!

Si è conclusa il 21 gennaio Let’s Science!, la mostra legata ad uno dei progetti più cari alla Fondazione: I Ragazzi di Pasteur. Abbiamo dialogato con tanti ospiti e con i ragazzi sulle fake news e sul binomio scienza&fumetti. Scoprite che cosa è successo…  

5 December 2017

La Scienza a Regola d’Arte: Wolfang Laib and Silvia Bencivelli in conversation

The second meeting of the series “La Scienza a Regola d’Arte” hosted the scientific journalist Silvia Bencivelli and the German artist Wolfgang Laib in the Hall of the LAC, on December 6th.

17 November 2017

India according to Federico and Costanza Rampini

On Friday, 24 November, the journalist and writer Federico Rampini met with his daughter Costanza, an environmental scientist who lived in India for several years, at the LAC in Lugano to discuss the science, politics and religion of this great Asian country. The event forms a part of the series of scientific studies promoted by MASI in collaboration with the IBSA Foundation, and is featured in the programme of the exhibition “Focus India”.

26 October 2017

IBSA Foundation scholarships

On Friday, October 20th, the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research granted the first scholarships intended for USI students enrolled in the Bachelor in Medicine at the University of Basel who will continue their studies with the Master in Medicine at USI.

24 October 2017

I Ragazzi di Pasteur: 2° edition of the contest for the schools

After the great success of the contest “Bufale in rete: come riconoscerle!” promoted for the school year 2016-17 in collaboration with Istituto Pasteur Italia, also comes the 2° edition: “Professione: cacciatore di bufale in rete!”. The new contest is focused on the importance to allow the kids to become debunker of fake news.

5 October 2017

Scientific Forum: Female Healthy Aging

The scientific Forum organized by IBSA Foundation took place at the University Hospital of Zurich, on September 7th, 2017. The aim was to address issues related to sexuality, risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases as well as other specific disorders affecting the lifestyle of menopausal women.    

31 August 2017

Scientific Forum: Basic mechanisms of cancer immunotherapy

The Forum on oncologic immunotherapy, which has been treating various types of cancer (melanoma, lungs), which were difficult to treat until recently, took place on June 16th, in the USI Auditorium – It is one of the events organized by IBSA Foundation, within the context of the “International Congress on Malignant Lymphoma”.

16 June 2017

“La Scienza a regola d’Arte”: Tony Cragg – Piergiorgio Odifreddi in conversation

Taking as a basis this quote by famous contemporary artist Tony Cragg: “I see art as supplement and expansion of science”, the MASI and IBSA Foundations have launched a series of conversations among representatives of the artistic and scientific field, entitled: “La Scienza a regola d’Arte”.

10 May 2017